Full Body Sugaring

Using an all-natural paste made of sugar, water and lemon juice, sugaring effectively removes unwanted body hair without the irritation and side effects of traditional waxing. Perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Brow Shaping $28

Intended for new clients or those who have fallen behind on maintenance. We will create the best brow shape that compliments your features. Your new look is then completed using Senegence products for a polished finish.

Brow Maintenance $22

For clients who have already been seen for their initial brow shaping and are within our maintenance period.

Lip $18

Upper lip

Chin $18

Face $40

Full cheeks & jawline

Underarms $25

Arms ½ $35 Full $55

Half arm is from wrist to elbow or elbow to shoulder. Full is from wrist to shoulder.

Hands $20

Chest $40

Stomach $20

Back ½ $45 Full $75

Half back is either from top of shoulder to mid back or mid back to top of underwear line. Full back is top of shoulder to top of underwear line.

Bikini $30

Removes hair from underwear line to 3 finger width outside underwear line from top and sides.

Extended Bikini $45

Same as Bikini yet includes 2 finger width inside underwear line from top and sides. Does not include inner labia or backside.

Brazilian $75

Customized removal of all genital hair including backside.

Brazilian Maintenance $55

Completed within 3-6 weeks of previous Brazilian appointment.

Legs ½ $55 Full $85

Legs Maintenance ½ $45 Full $75

Half leg is either from toes to just above knee or slightly below knee to top of thigh. Full is from toes to top of thigh.

Trim $5

Hair that is too long (1/2” or more) may need to be trimmed to ensure proper removal and for your comfort. Your esthetician will determine if your hair is too long and will discuss the need for trimming prior to providing the service.

– Maintenance appointments apply to brows, Brazilians and legs. And are no more than 3-6 weeks after same previous service.

– Hair should be at least 1/8” in length, if your hair is too short you will need to be rescheduled.

– Do not exfoliate the day of your appointment.

– Please be aware that the two days prior, the week of and the two days following your menstrual cycle can cause increased sensitivity and pain due to the high level of hormones.



Lash Tint / Brow Tint $15 each

Professional semi-permanent color that lasts approximately 4-6 weeks. Wide range of colors available.


Mini Glow Facial $65

This 45 min powerhouse facial will deliver a glowing radiance. Wake up your skin with deep cleansing, exfoliation, and concentrated hydration. The perfect, skin pick-me-up!

Custom Blend Facial $80

Uniquely designed to deliver results in 75 minutes, this personalized facial is tailored to your specific concerns. Using custom blended products, we will cleanse, exfoliate, massage, mask and moisturize to provide a revitalizing experience.

Renewing Radiance Facial $95

Our 75-minute anti-aging facial offers the perfect balance of all-over brightening, improving fine lines and wrinkles, and reducing hyperpigmentation. Vitamin and antioxidant infused serums will firm your skin and leave you feeling rejuvenated.

Acne Clearing Facial $110

This targeted 75-minute facial is meant to clear clogged pores, soothe inflamed skin and reduce oil buildup. This process begins with an intense cleansing, potent exfoliation with steam, gentle extractions as needed and is finished with a calming and healing mask. Includes LED Light treatment.

*Power Eye Treatment $5

Smooth the look of crow’s feet, brighten dark circles and de-puff the undereye area.

*LED Light Treatment $5

Enhance any facial with LED light specific to your concerns. Red, Blue, Yellow and Green wavelengths.

*Hyperpigmentation Treatment $10

A deeper focused hyperpigmentation treatment using ultra concentrated dark spot correctors.

*V-Neck Firming Treatment $10

Firm and brighten the V-neck area, decrease fine lines and wrinkles and improve elasticity.

*Must be booked with a facial

Chemical Peels

Lactic and Glycolic Chemical Peels $80

We provide two types of professional chemical peels. Both are designed to produce different results based on your skin type and needs. Your skin care therapist will work with you to determine which peel is best suited for you. Please be advised that peels are considered slightly aggressive. A prep facial (mini glow/custom blend) is required at least a week prior to a peel. Heavy sun exposure is strongly discouraged for 24-48 hours after a chemical peel. There is no downtime after this service.

Body Treatements

Full Body Dry Brushing $45

Firm yet gentle brushing applied all over the body removes dead skin, improves lymphatic flow, and aids in cellulite reduction. Finished with a nutrient dense, moisturizing body butter. (30 minutes)

Salt / Sugar Glow $75

Enjoy a heavy, full body exfoliation using a paste of nourishing oil and either organic cane sugar or 100% authentic pink Himalayan salt, your choice. Includes dry brushing prior and optional moisturizing body butter after. (60 minutes)

Organic Body Mud Wrap $100

Relieve stress and detoxify with our mineral-rich body mud. Get wrapped up for 30 minutes and receive increased circulation and slimming benefits. Includes dry brushing prior and moisturizing body butter after. (75 minutes)

Image by Zenspa1